Thur 7-10-14: Snatch

A few park workouts the last week but today was similar to last Thur…


5 Min misc warmup

10 reps: 45 (Hang Snatch)
3 reps: 75,75,95,115,125,125,135
1 rep: 145,145
3 reps: 125,115,105

Muscle Up Variations
Standard x 2
With Step Up x 4 (2 sets)
With Plyo Push x 4
With Overhead Reach x 4

Thur 7-3-14: Snatch

After a few weeks of random, unstructured and playful work at local parks, I felt like working on a traditional weightlifting move, the barbell snatch. It’s been a while so I kept it simple…


15 min walk with some dancing, footwork drills, hanging and fingertip pushups to loosen and warm up.


3 reps all sets…



Later in the day went to the park for some Ninja Warrior Training…

Mon 6-23-14: Band Resistance

Today I experimented with some banded resistance on some basic barbell lifts. Although I’ve done these separately I’ve never done a workout with all of them.

Horizontal Band Resistance on Vertical Barbell Lifts

The basic idea is to add a minor horizontal pull to challenge technique and stability in traditional barbell moves. I hope to add videos of these soon to help give a better picture of the exercises and concept.

Deadlift (band pulling bar forward)
10 reps: 65,65,95,115,135,155

Floor Press (band pulling bar above head)
10 reps: 65,65,95
Incline Floor Press (band pulling bar toward feet)

Bent Row (band pulling bar forward)
10 reps: 4 sets at 95, different grips

Overhead Press (band pulling bar forward)
10 reps: 65,65,65

Front Squat (band pulling bar forward)
10 reps: 95,115,135

Pullups (experimented with pull from each direction- forward/back/left/right)
4 sets of 5 reps

Then went to the park and climbed, jumped and played around.

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The Q Triad

Kyle Knapp:

Published on the Bare 5 Blog yesterday, thought it would be of some interest to the fitness pursuers. There’s also seems to be a triad within the BQ realm where pursuing different aspects of body movement (ie strength, power, flexibility, bodyweight) impacts our strengths in other areas of BQ. Similarly, we all have a genetic potential within the greater human potential of body mastery and a daily potential that has some variance. An interesting concept that I wanted to share…

Originally posted on Bare 5:

Ever notice how often we come across people who are well above average or even experts in something only to be below average or almost helpless when it comes to other aspects in life? Or the people who devote their time and energy developing one strength, only to see themselves getting weaker in other areas, often ones they used to be good at?

I’ve noticed this over the years and recently started to give it some more thought. How can we explain what we are good at and how does that impact the rest of our lives? The more I thought about it, the deeper it got, until eventually a fascinating model developed in my head: the Q Triad. The Quotient Triad- What are we good at and how does that relate to our other abilities?

Human Quotients

IQ – Intelligence Quotient
EQ – Emotional Quotient
BQ – Body Quotient

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Tues 6-10-14: Park, TRX and Full Body

Today was a rare occurrence: two workouts within a couple hours. I was planning on joining my friend for a workout later but got an unexpected hour break so I took my TRX to the park to experiment with a few things. Before I knew it, I had worked out…

TRX Squat Row
Lunge Fly

Draped the TRX over a basketball hoop support bars to simulate rings and started messing around…

Ring Hold (from top and below)
Ring Dip
Skin The Cat
Ring Dip Leg Raise
Iron Cross (mini)
90 Degree Hang Hold w/ Knee Raise

Then I did 4-5 circuits:
- Hanging Holds to 3 Skin The Cats
- 3-4 Ring Dips to Leg Raise
- Jump to bar, curl ups, bar work, swing jump off
- Handstand ~20 sec


An hour and a half later I joined my buddy Bryan from Frontdive Fitness and his client for a 3 person workout. This was rougher than I’m used to as my workouts the last couple months have been pretty mild…

Full Body

1 min of med ball chest pass throw and run

3 consecutive rounds of 5 reps each:
Slam Ball Slams 30lb
Box Jump 36″

3 consecutive rounds of 10 reps each:
Ring Body Rows
Core Board Crossover Push-up
KB Swings 70lb

3 consecutive rounds of 10 reps each:
Goblet Squat 65lb
Kaiser Dual Cable Standing Press 25lb

3 consecutive rounds of 5 reps each:
Bent Right Arm DB Row 80lb
Right Arm Cable Push 50lb
Knee Hop Ups

3 consecutive rounds of 5 reps each:
Bent Left Arm DB Row 80lb
Right Left Cable Push 50lb
PowerPlate Crossover Jumps (10 reps)

3 consecutive rounds of 10 reps each:
Cable Alternating Archer 40lb
Hanging Curl Ups
Alt DB Clean & Press 35lb

3 rounds:
Treadmill Sled Push Sprint (10 sec)

End result: fatigue.

Tues 5-27-14: Full Body

Row Machine 4 min

6 Supersets:
Alternating One Arm DB Snatch
10 total reps: 30, 40, 50, 60, 65(8), 70(6)
Band Assisted Pull-up x 15 reps

6 supersets:
BB Bent Row (differing grips each set)
10 reps: 95,115,125,135,135,135
Rack Pull
5 reps: same weight and grip as above

Incline Bar Cuban Press
3 sets of 10 reps @ 8lb bar

BB Snatch Grip Full Front Raise
2 sets of 12 reps @ 30lb bar

Wed 5-21-14: Full Body

Mostly legs and biceps but some shoulders, core and function thrown in…

Full Body

4 rounds:
Cable Squat X Raise – 15 reps: 6.5, 7.5, 8,5, 9.5
Walking Lunge & DB Curl – 16 reps total: BW, 15, 20, 20

6 rounds:
Step Up 17.5″ x 8, 21″ x 7, 24.5″ x 6, 28″ x 5, 38″ x 5, 41″ x 4, 44″ x 4
Dead Bug 45 sec

BB Bicep Curl
10 reps: 45, 65, 75, 75, 75

4 rounds:
Sled Push (KB on Sandbag) 90 lb total x 100′
DB Preacher Curl 20lb x 12 reps, different curl style each set

Mon 5-19-14: Back & Shoulders

Basic Upper Body Vertical Push Pull Workout…

4 rounds:
Jumprope 30 sec
Med Ball Plank 30 sec

5 rounds:
Pull-up/Knee Raise Combo – 6 reps each
BB Press – 12 reps @ 45lb

5 rounds:
Dual Cable Wide Pulldown
12 reps: 75,90,105,112,127
DB One Arm Seated Press
25×12, 35×11, 40×10, 45×9, 50×7

3 rounds:
Dual Cable Seated Row
12 reps: 80,90,100
DB Lateral Raise
12 reps: 15,17.5,20

4 rounds:
Lying DB Pullover
12 reps: 40,45,50,40
BB Snatch Grip Front Raise
10 reps: 30lb

Mon 5-12-14: Shoulders

Mostly shoulders today (from a few different angles), primary work being cleans…

Hang Power Clean & Press
4 sets of 45×5
65×5, 75×5, 95×5
5 sets of 135 x 1
Power Clean & Press
5 sets of 135 x 1
5 sets of 155 x 1

Hang High Pull
2 sets of 135 x 5

Upright Row
3 sets of 75 x 10

5 Supersets of 10 reps each:
BB Shrug – 135
Seated One Arm DB Press – 25, 35, 40, 40, 40

4 Supersets of 12 reps:
DB Iso Planche Leg Raise – 17.5, 20, 25 x 6 reps, 25 x 8 reps
Horizontal Hanging Shrug – legs on bench