Mon 8-11-14: Gymnastics

*Forgot to share this a few weeks ago.*

Second day of preparatory exercise evaluation…


Arch Body Hold

5 sets of 60 (seconds), 60, 48, 48, 48

with Hip Circles (10 each direction between sets)

Tuck Ups

5 sets of 15 (PASSED LEVEL)

with DB Windmill (5 each side between sets)

Deep Squat Rolls

5 sets of 15 (PASSED LEVEL)

with Skiers (5 each side)

- Handstand Series-

Wrist Stretches

Wrist Series…

Wall Wrist Walk
Wall First Knuckle Walk
Wall Wrist Rock Walk
Wall Fingertip Walk

5 Circuits of 5 reps each exercise (PASSED LEVEL)

Mon 5-12-14: Shoulders

Mostly shoulders today (from a few different angles), primary work being cleans…

Hang Power Clean & Press
4 sets of 45×5
65×5, 75×5, 95×5
5 sets of 135 x 1
Power Clean & Press
5 sets of 135 x 1
5 sets of 155 x 1

Hang High Pull
2 sets of 135 x 5

Upright Row
3 sets of 75 x 10

5 Supersets of 10 reps each:
BB Shrug – 135
Seated One Arm DB Press – 25, 35, 40, 40, 40

4 Supersets of 12 reps:
DB Iso Planche Leg Raise – 17.5, 20, 25 x 6 reps, 25 x 8 reps
Horizontal Hanging Shrug – legs on bench

Wed 4-30-14: Stairs

Decided to take advantage of my flight of stairs at home for a quick little workout…

Stair Workout

The concept was very simple. Go up and down a flight of 15 stairs, 55 times, broken up into 6 different styles with a 1 minute rest between each set.

One Step (at a time) x 10 rounds

Two Steps (aka skip a step) x 10 rounds

Three Steps x 10 rounds

Four Steps (Jumping) x 5 rounds

Five Steps (Jumping) x 5 rounds

One Step Crossover (facing sideways) x 10 rounds

One Step (Cooldown) x 5 rounds

Total time = 18 minutes, 12 working, 6 resting

Total stairs = 825 (1650 if you count coming back down)

Total steps (as measured by FitBit) = 1850


Sun 1-26-14: Pull-ups

I decided to continue on the theme of simplicity. This week I’ll do the same workouts as last week but make each set a little harder, increasing the intensity but reducing the reps a bit, around 75. Next week I’ll continue to make it a little harder, and do a few less, probably around 50 reps. First things first though, on to pullups…

80 Pullups

Warmup: 10 Tree Pullups

10 Tree Chin-ups (plyometric)
4 Door Trim
5 Chain Loop
5 Door Trim
7 Tree
8 Porch Awning
5 Two rope
4 Two rope
7 Two rope
6 Two rope
7 Two rope
10 Tree
3 Two door

Mixed in some trampoline jumping and jump to branches between the tree and rope sets.

Low Tech Exercise

One of my favorite voices in the health, exercise and fitness realms is Frank Forencich. Here’s a short post on how we can step outside the gym and reconnect to natural body movement in a fun and challenging way…

Diagonal Reaches