Mon/Tues Feb 2/3, 2015: Park Workouts


Back to work after a nice little workout hiatus to heal up and recover. Took my trampoline and pogo stick to the park and played around, looking for as many things to play, climb and hang on that were a bit outside of the box. No real plan, just freestyled things and went with the flow…


Fri Jan 16, 2015: Lessons Learned

We all learn lessons. Some are learned the easy way others are not. I learned a painful lesson today: be very aware of your surrounding, particularly when exercising and especially when doing pull-ups. More specifically, check above your head when doing pull-ups. Even if you’re very used to an apparatus/environment and think you know of any inherent hazard because you never know when you might spontaneously start doing a version of pull-ups you’ve never done before and the previously unhazardous becomes hazardous.

The metal bars that were not an issue with most pull-up versions but became an issue when doing the explosive side switching pull-ups I was doing…
After drifting too far to the side, my 6 or 7th pull-up resulted in slamming into the end of the first metal pole and an emergency room visit…
11 staples but spirits remain high. I guess the universe was encouraging a few days off. :)

Tues/Thur Jan 14/16, 2015: Park Training

Twice this week I got out to local parks to run around, get some sun, fresh air and exercise. Tuesday I went to a playground and explored all the little things I could do on and around the playset. Thursday I headed to a regional park and messed around with the little fitness course they had set up along the rim pathway of the park. Some simple and old school exercise stations but fun nonetheless…

Here’s my video of the basics of park training:

Monday Jan 12, 2015: Bodyweight

After a little hiatus from posting workouts we are back on track. Most of what you’ll see here the next month will be simple and bodyweight oriented as I continue to train for a potential return to American Ninja Warrior…

Bodyweight Training

A.M. Skill & Strength Development

7-8 Alternating sets of:
Handstand Holds/One Arm Holds against Wall
Hanging/One Arm Hanging/Front Levers

P.M. Playground Fun & Games

30-40 minutes of swinging, puddle jumping, long jumping, precision jumping and climbing on the playground equipment. Found a nice tight rope and a great boulder to climb around on but mostly just had fun goofing around and creating little games/challenges…2015/01/img_0155.png

American Ninja Warrior 2015

Basketball ClimberIt’s that time of year to see if the folks over at American Ninja Warrior see some potential in this 37 year old dad of 4. I had a fun time putting my video together this year, even more than last time. The kids play a bigger role this time, which they should, since they are the biggest part of my world…

I’ll keep you updated¬†if I hear from them and if I get picked again I will need some support!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

CliffhangerFinn PushupsDevil's Steps

Fri 12-19-14: Ido Portal’s Movement Culture

Today I did the beginners workout from Ido Portal, a fantastic movement teacher and creator of Movement Culture, an integrative and progression philosophy on human movement.

Although I’m no beginner to moving my body, I’m certainly a beginner when it comes to some of these moves and doing them well but I really enjoyed the sequence and novelty…

Beginning Movement Routine

Did one or two rounds of each of the following exercises…

Squat Sequence

Beginner Routine:
(YouTube link)
QDR Rotational Pushup
Rotations Into Low Bridge
NDA Lateral Pushup

Locomotion Conditioning:
- Walking Into Handstand
– Duck Walk
– Bridge Walk
– Horse Walk
– Lizard Walk
– Ostrich Walk
Handstand Straighten Into Line
The Shrimp
Eccentric Pistol + Side Pushup
0-90 Hanging Leg Raises
90-90 Iso Pullup Hang
Basic Bridge Pushup

Great little routine.

Mon 12-15-14: Bodyweight Playground

Kept a similar theme to last Monday’s workout at the park…

Bodyweight Playground Work

Walk, jog, skip to park ~5 min
Misc hanging, climbing, swinging, jumping ~5 min

4 rounds of:
One Arm Hanging – misc versions
Dips ~5 reps, misc versions
Depth Jumps ~7.5′ drop, 3 reps

3 rounds of:
Running Gap Jump 10-15′, 2-4 reps (1-2 each leg)
Skin The Cat 2-3 reps, different grips
Depth Pushup Pop Ups 5 reps

Jog, skip and walk back to work ~5 min

Fri 12-12-14: Bodyweight

In the gym today for light workout- little too much rain outside to do everything safely…

Bodyweight Training

10 min misc warm up

7 alternating sets of:
Ring Dips w/ Transitions 4-5 reps
Bar Catches/Plyo Pull-ups 4-6 reps

5 min hanging and ring dip support

Mon 12-8-14: Bodyweight Playground

Kept a similar theme to last workout at the park…

Bodyweight Playground Work

Walk, jog, skip to park ~5 min
Misc hanging, climbing, swinging, jumping ~5 min

4 rounds of:
One Arm Hang 40 seconds
Dips 5-10 reps
Depth Jumps ~7.5′ drop, 4 reps

3 rounds of:
Alternating One Arm Swing 1 min total time hanging
Depth Pushup Pop Ups 5 reps
Running Long Jump 4 reps (2 each leg)

Jog, skip and walk back to work ~5 min

Thur 12-4-14: Bodyweight Playground

Kept a similar theme to last workout but headed to the park…

Bodyweight Playground Work

Powerplate 3 min
Jump rope 3 min

Light core isometric work, push-ups, stretching ~5 min

Walk, jog, skip to park ~5 min

Misc hanging, climbing, swinging, jumping ~10 min

5 rounds of:
Bar Dips to Chin 4-5 reps
One Arm Flexed Hang 10 seconds each
Depth Jumps ~6′ drop, 4-5 reps

Misc hanging, climbing, swinging, jumping ~15 min